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The Willis Investment Counsel research and portfolio management team periodically publishes its views on investor psychology/behavior, macroeconomic and capital market environments, developments, and trends, and their influences on investment strategies.

Investor Psychology/Behavior

Uncertainty And Market Volatility Should Not Be Such Big Issues – April 2023

We Deceive Ourselves When We Require Knowability – March 2022

40 Years of Discipline, Learning, and Adapting – April 2019

The Investment Highway – October 2018

What if “Animal Spirits” Kick in? – November 2016

The Road Not Taken – January 2014

The Greatest Risk has been Excessive Pessimism – January 2013

Primary Mistakes Investors Made During the Last Five Years – February 2013

Timeless Principles – September 2012

Risk Management

How does Willis Investment Counsel Respond to Volatility? – April 2018

The Importance of Prudent Capital Allocation and Aligned Interests – June 2012

Asset Allocation

Is It Worthwhile? – January 2017

More than You Probably Want to Know – July 2017

Targeted Rate of Return and Asset Allocation in a Low Return World – November 2016

The Drivers of Portfolio Outcomes – April 2016


Economic Landscape

What Might Chairman Powell Be Thinking? – September 2022

Just A Theory – October 2021

What Happens To Stocks When Inflation Rises? – August 2021

Navigating the Coronavirus – April 2020

What does WIC Know at this Juncture in the Economic and Market Cycle? – December 2019

Adapt or Die – May 2017

2017 Annual Investment Briefing Video – April 2017

Portfolio Strategy for a Struggling Economy and a Market Dominated by Negativism – June 2012

Corporate Profitability Matters – May 2012

A Three-Year Investment Retrospective: Surprisingly Good – February 2012


Interest Rates and Taxes

What Happens to Stocks When Interest Rates Rise? – October 2016

The Threat of Rising Interest Rates Is NOT the Greatest Risk – October 2015

The Historical Impact of Higher Tax Rates on Dividend Paying Stocks is Surprising – December 2012

The Impact of Proposed Tax Rates on Dividends – February 2012


Willis Investment Counsel Strategy Insight

The Rising Risks of the Way Money is Managed Today – March 2018

Willis Investment Counsel Managed Volatility and Income Strategy – February 2013