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Our mission. We are committed to helping our clients develop and accomplish their financial objectives over long periods of time. Understandability, transparency, aligned interests, and trust have served as our beacon for over four decades.

Willis Investment Counsel appreciates our many long-standing client relationships fostered over 40 years. Many have been clients of our firm from 10 years to more than a quarter-century.

How we serve. Each client’s circumstances, needs, and preferences are different – requiring us to listen carefully to tailor each client’s portfolio. We develop a customized investment policy for each client’s long-term return objectives, liquidity needs, and risk-management.

Once we have a thorough understanding of our client’s needs, we employ a blend of internally managed strategies. Each client’s needs are unique – as a result, we start with a blank canvas when determining what combination of our equity and fixed income strategies are most appropriate.

We meet with clients as frequently as they desire to discuss their portfolio, any significant events that could impact their portfolios, as well as other relevant topics such as the sale of a closely held business, charitable planning, estate planning, or legacy planning. Our only fee is based on a percentage of assets; we do not charge hourly rates, consulting fees, etc.  We sell no products.

We believe our long-term return track record, coupled with a high level of client retention, illustrates our ability to develop long-lasting relationships built on education, communication, understandability, and trust.

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