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Investment management strategies tailored to investment objectives, liquidity considerations, income requirements, tax minimization, and risk tolerance.

Willis Investment Counsel designs and individually manages equity, fixed income, and balanced portfolios in accordance with a policy of investment guidelines and requirements developed collaboratively with our clients. Our clients’ portfolios are tailored to investment objectives, income requirements, tax minimization, and risk tolerance. Our investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that portfolio management requires a combination of independent quantitative and qualitative analysis, measured instinct, and a sense of investment psychology. This belief guides our selection of high quality, attractively priced securities for our clients’ portfolios.

We see ourselves as more than just your portfolio manager. We help you attain your goals by first developing realistic goals with you, then by enabling you to attain those goals through effective education and counseling. Risk management is such an important part of our role that we think of ourselves as risk managers, not just portfolio managers.

We seek to track (manage to) your stated goals and stay within your preferred risk tolerance range. Whether your primary goals include capital preservation, income, growth of capital, or enterprise risk management, it is fundamental to all these goals to first protect capital.

To learn more about our philosophy, please read Willis Investment Counsel’s Philosophy.

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