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Willis Investment Counsel Launches New Investment Fund

Apr 13, 2016

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Willis Investment Counsel, a locally based independent investment management firm, announces the opening of its second generation WIC Managed Volatility and Income Fund. The first generation of the fund was launched in January 2011 and will soon be closed because it is approaching the legal limit of total investors (100).

Qualified investors may invest in the second generation Managed Volatility and Income Fund with a minimum $1 million investment. The SEC requires qualified investors to have personal savings and liquid assets of at least $5 million, according to Bob Willis, the firm’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer.

Willis Investment Counsel currently manages approximately $850 million in this Managed Volatility and Income Strategy. Overall, the firm manages approximately $1.6 billion of client assets across the country.

The Managed Volatility and Income Strategy offers investors defensive exposure to the equity market and enhanced yield while hedging market volatility.

Willis Investment Counsel is the largest independent investment management firm north of Atlanta. Founded over 35 years ago, the firm was recently named by the international Financial Times publication to its annual list of the top registered investment advisers in the United States.